Lockdown Living Pt. 2

By: Linda Paisley

Lockdown Living Pt. 2

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Welcome to Part II of Lockdown Living, a blog series exploring how three different families experienced homelife during COVID-19. These are real stories from real people that each have one thing in common: I was the Real Estate Sale Representative that they used to buy their current house. The one they would end up being quarantined in during a gobal pandemic.
Only a bit of pressure as I checked in to see how it went…
Meet Pier & Amar. Two medical doctors living in the Tollendal neighbourhood of Barrie.

Pier & Amar with Ralph on Front PorchPier & Amar with Ralph

I met these two at one of my open houses, where we bonded over freshly-baked cookies and real estate news. We started working together shortly after. Pier and I always joke that we have similar taste, since we’re both Virgos! According to them, I had a knack for choosing houses that suited their style. Despite that, it still took about a year before we found the right one. They ended up moving into their Lockdown home in late November, 2018.
We’re celebrating their 2 year house-iversary! And yes, that is a thing.

Pier & Amar with sparkling wineCelebrating their house-iversary

Pier and Amar got married the summer before buying their home. So they moved in as newlyweds.

Pier & Amar carrying her over the doorstepThe traditional carry over the doorstep

Enjoying their first year, they waited until January 2020 to start their home addition. Don’t we all wish we had foresight of what lay ahead?
By the time March (and COVID) hit, things were already moving forward with the build. Lucky for them, since they had their permit in hand, everything continued. The biggest source of delay was obtaining supplies and getting certain trades to come in. Pier was thrilled to watch walls go up and get completed, despite the craziness in the world. Sometimes, when everything else is out of your control, it can be a such a source of comfort to see your own space take shape.

Pier & Amar building additionShe really is happy with the walls

Amar worked exclusively from home providing virtual medical care. The basement was put to good use as his work from home space! Pier continued to practice outside their home, either at the office or on the front lines at the hospital. Both consider themselves extremely fortunate to work regularly during the pandemic.
Pier and Amar are career-minded individuals, so they kept busy as the virus continued. Still, in keeping isolated to their household, they managed to slow down more at home. The lawns were cared for, the gardens weeded and they chatted to neighbours during regular walks.

Pier & Amar front porchLockdown landscaping as an escape

Pier says they are still so happy with the home that they found. It was tested during a quarantine, and proved its worth. I believe it is true, since they haven’t forwarded over any new listings. That is always the tell.
Lockdown Living Pt. 3 coming soon for more perspectives on being confined to home in Barrie and area during the Coronavirus. Read Lockdown Living Pt. 1 for Cathy & Randy's story in Orillia. 
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