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Q&A with Linda Paisley

What past work experience do you bring to your real estate career?

For over 20 years I have worked in sales, marketing, training, management, leadership, mentorship etc…

My career has evolved from being a nurse to a business professional. My roles have included pharmaceutical sales, management with a large nutritional company, and the management of a business focused on health and safety solutions. Each step has prepared me for the multi-faceted roles of a real estate sales representative; networking, communications and marketing, not to mention the behind-the-scenes administrative, organizational and research-based tasks.

What buying and selling experiences have you had in your own life?

I purchased my first home through a CENTURY 21® open house in 1984, which has added to my positive view of the brand. Since then I have I have bought and sold numerous homes, fluctuating between suburban areas and country properties.

My eldest daughter semi-fondly recalls weekend afternoons spent touring neighbourhoods and checking out properties. A tradition that carries on to this day.

What suggestions do you have for prospective buyers and sellers based on your own experiences?

I stand by the old cliché of location, location, location. For me, it was all about the schools and finding the right fit for my kids. As well, having your house on the market or sold before purchasing another increases your options and your buying power within the market.

I also believe that real estate representatives are on hand to make the buying and selling process more manageable and to lower the legal risks associated with any transaction.

Can you tell us about your history with the Barrie area?

I have lived in the Barrie area since the fall of 2003. I can’t believe it! When I first arrived in Barrie, I rented a cottage on Lake Simcoe, which was a great experience. This was while building a home within a country estate development in Oro Medonte. From there, I have moved into North East Barrie and am currently enjoying the proximity to everything Barrie offers.

Having lived in places like Oakville, Vancouver and Campbellville, I enjoy the unpretentious nature of the people of Barrie and I find the unassuming nature of the city both surprising and refreshing. It offers the amenities of a larger urban centre, but still maintains a community feel. I experience this time and again in my daily routine, where running into friends and neighbours is a regular occurrence. When I was a newcomer to the city, these encounters helped to establish my identity as a full-fledged Barrie resident.